a day in the woods

aliza here. zev, our mother, and I went to a woodland reserve near our house today. despite getting epically lost on the way there, it was a beautiful trek along trails full of dogwalkers.

when we got to a pond, I started getting zev set up in a sheet we’d brought along in case we needed an emergency cloak. the water was bone-achingly cold, so we had to huddle together on a slippery rock as we got set up. some folks having a picnic on the other bank got a nice show. (credit to mama for the behind the scenes photos)


as we were shooting, it began to rain. zev slopped his way up the bank, dried his feet on the soggy sheet, and we headed off.

in the gathering gloom, as the rain began to give way to a silvery fog, we came across a grove of downy young pine saplings. in a bout of sudden inspiration, zev had me wrap my jacket up in my scarf and tie it to a stick before throwing the sheet/foottowel over me as a cloak and trying to look attractive.


a lady walking her dog by told us that we were “seriously freaking [her] out”. and joggers were liberal in their odd looks.Image

then we headed home and dried off and edited up our respective day’s works.

my photo before and after (with a whole lot of fudging in between):



link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ummatiddle/10916748435/

zev’s before and after (humongo-extension extraordinaire):



link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fiddleoak/10914492905/

an afternoon well spent!


19 thoughts on “a day in the woods

  1. Simply beautiful. As a child, I spent my most memorable times in the woods or meadows, imagining all sorts of lovely things about being a creature of the wild. Your words and photos bring back those precious memories. Keep up the good work my young friend.

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  9. Hi, awesome work! I had a question. What is the advantage/purpose of taking, say, 9 photos and merging them, vs just one? Does this have something to do with the dream-like tiltshift focus in your photos, or is there some other reason? Thanks!


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