large format video camera

well, long time no post but I have a cool one this time!  I just completed designing and building an 8×10 large format digital video camera, the first in the world that I know of. LargeSense has some interesting tests with x-ray sensors (I think?) but this camera can be made for orders of magnitude less cost, and I don’t think they have yet made a fully working camera.  I get into how it works in the video below, but essentially its off-axis reimaging of a projected image.  you lose some light, but with advances in large aperture wide angle lenses (I am using an Irix 15mm f2.4 Firefly) and sensitive cameras (a Sony a7s in my case) this sort of camera is now a practical possibility.  it is a bit like IMAX, but waaaaay bigger 🙂

I used C4d virtual cameras to model the fields of view of the various lenses and ensure that the slider didn’t appear in the bottom of the shot, even at infinite focus.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 3.34.48 AM

if you have any questions or want to build your own, let me know! I am happy to share everything I learned along the building process.  expect to see lots more from this camera and ones like it from me.  light field version next, eh?