simple origami pleating

this for you, joey!


first we need to divide the paper up, so start by folding in half:



then, fold those 2 halves in half:


now the quarters in half:


and finally, fold the 8 8ths in half to make a nice sheet of paper, divided in to 16ths in one direction:


now, we have to do all of that the other way, so start by folding in half:


and so on. here is the final product:


and now the boring monotonousness is over, it’s time for he fun part!  I think a video best shows what to do, so you can see one here.


tada! you are done.  it should look some thing like this:




but don’t stop here!  try making it with paper divided into 32ths or 64ths! or try dividing it diagonally instead of orthogonally, or starting in the middle and working your way out, or…  anything else you cn come up with!