fly — behind the scenes

I havent posted here for far too long, here’s to changing that!  anyway, here is a bit of what went into making my latest picture, fly. it is the second picture in a new (probably) three part series.



I started by placing two music stands in a field, the airplanes are taped to string, and then taped to a piece of foam board lying in between two music stands.  I had to use multiple strings per airplane, as it was a gusty day. the foam board not only holds all the airplanes, it also acts as a reflector/diffuser, creating nice soft light on the subjects.


the final picture was taken with a lens that allows me to change the angle of the focus plane (aka the tilt of a tilt-shift lens), so I can have nice sliver of focus, and still have the background grass and trees sharp (or near to it).  here is what the final picture looked like out of camera


and the vantage point from which it was taken.


to shoot the person (me), I tried to match the lighting/background as close as possible, as it will make it easier to cut out in post, and make a cleaner final picture.  sadly there was nothing to hang from in the middle of the field, (no way!) so me and bub (my brother) rigged up a rotting old ladder contraption. it certainly doesn’t meet code, and it wasent even quite tall enough, so I had to do two pictures, one for my legs and one for my upper body.



after a whole lot of masking, a bit of color correcting and a few hours, the final picture makes a whooshing noise as it is uploaded to the internet.  you can see it full size here.Image


42 thoughts on “fly — behind the scenes

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  2. I think your work is amazing, beautiful, and inspiring. Do you show your work at a gallery? Is any of it for sale? I would love to have a piece in my house to inspire my children. Please let me know. Thanks!

  3. Very way cool! Thanks for telling us about all the work that went into getting the final product. Great work, and clever imagination. I’m surprised that Ron Howard hasn’t yet taken notice of the fun you are having!.

  4. Zev, these are Fantastic! I knew I would see some amazing work of yours. Great work, very artistic. Cannot wait to see what is next!

  5. I love your creativity, and really admire your ingenuity in setting up your shots. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. HOLA! I have a blog too, here: harrybrake, Wondering, I am the advisor to an International Magazine, called Repentino. out of The American School Foundation in Mexico City, would you be interested in submitting any pieces for the 2013-2014 year? We take the magazine to New York with Columbia University to get judged each year, and will start taking submission starting in August? My new staff asked me to ask you if you would be willing, lol. Love your photos! Our site for the magazine is here:


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  8. Hello, I’m trying to contact you to ask your permission to publish your photos on a major Italian newspaper online. I’ll leave my e-mail, If you send me an e-mail I’ll explain well what it is. Thank you very much. Eleonora Giovinazzo

  9. mate that some piece of art… love how you mix your photos together to get a photo out of this world.. now i’m thinking of take on a project my self.. thank you for showing how you got that magical photo..

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  11. Hey! I absolutely adore your work. I think it would be really cool if you submitted to this magazine Repentino. It’s an international arts magazine. Here’s the Facebook page

    Look into it, it’s pretty neat 🙂

  12. Beautiful!! I’d love to have some of your work on my walls at home. Would you contact me please so I can check some prices and mailing charges. Regards, Fernanda from Brazil (

  13. MasyaAllah, Zev! you are so amazing and talented boy! Also your sister, very nice both of you. Keep up your good job guys!

    Warm regards from Indonesia 🙂

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